Welcome to My New Home

October 1, 2010

Thanks for stopping by. I am still moving in and setting up but feel free to check out all the cool things I brought with me boxed up over there in the Archives. Here’s a picture of the move:

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Dr. Seuss on the iPad

August 18, 2010

As I have stated before, Dr. Seuss is a big hit at our house. Also, the iPad is a big hit at our house, and office, and on vacation, etc. Well, you can imagine my delight when I learned that these two things could be combined for a super fun reading experience for Thing 1 […]

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The iPad as a Laptop Replacement

August 1, 2010

I bought an iPad two weeks ago. I had been considering the purchase since the product was announced and did a fair amount of research on the product so that I would know what I was getting. Plus I already have an iPhone so I am very familiar with the interface, and so are my […]

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Who Are You?

June 14, 2010

Breitbart’s Big Government blog posted an article about Democrat Congressman Bob Etheridge’s interaction with some camera-wielding, question-asking students along with the footage of the encounter. In the video, the Congressman repeatedly asks the individuals “who are you” and then gets a little more forceful than some people believe was appropriate. At one point he says […]

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In the Words of Ice Cube “It Was a Good Day”

January 15, 2010

As shocking as it may sound, I do not love my job all the time. In fact there are days when I downright hate it. Then there are days like today. I spent the morning in a mediation session discussing the strengths and weaknesses of our case with mediator and then sharing stories with my […]

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Least Useful Sign Ever?

October 2, 2009

Why in the world would a motorist need to know that there is a damaged guardrail ahead? Would this cause someone to alter their driving to ensure that they pick another suitable location to careen into a perfectly suitable guardrail? If anyone knows the justification for such a sign, please let me know. I feel […]

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