Life Improvement

Passing Through

September 12, 2014

  As summer fades into a crisp autumn day I find myself back in school. A two-day symposium on drug use and mental illness and the specialized court systems available to treat criminals with these issues. So, you know, best time ever. This summer Hot Mama and I went to Las Vegas for a weekend. […]

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Eating Potting Benches

May 8, 2014

When I was 12 years old I had a career path scoped out. I grew up playing sports and going to sporting events, mostly baseball games. My family traveled the country following a particular college baseball team. We also went to many professional baseball games. Aside from the game, I seemed to always notice the […]

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The Case for Electronic Case Files

January 2, 2013

This is the scene after an associate attorney was rear ended by a tractor-trailer on a snowy turnpike. After his spinning car came to rest, he walked away. But his files were not so fortunate. See that piece of cardboard sticking out from where his trunk once was? That was a banker box full of […]

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Fat Daddy’s Submarine Test, Date TBD

August 16, 2012

John Mayer’s new album, Born and Raised, contains a song that has already become one of my all-time favorite songs. Walt Grace’s Submarine Test, January 1967 tells the tale of a man who wants to escape to a new world and after much study and tinkering finds himself alone in the ocean in a “homemade, […]

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Confessions of an Addict

June 19, 2012

I have a confession, I’m an addict. It started early on in life but I only recently began to understand the impact of my condition. I don’t remember the first time I “used” but I know by college I was a full-fledged junkie. You might wonder how I kept this from my parents. The truth […]

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How to Build the Ultimate Treadmill Desk

January 31, 2012

Many people desire a fit and healthy body. It is easy to read through fitness magazines and websites and dream of a beach-ready figure. The demands of work and family often crowd out the hard part, finding time to actually exercise.  It is even worse if you have a desk job where you tend to […]

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Why Our Society Sucks

November 15, 2011

Hot Mama loves Pinterest. I am not going to discuss the relative positives and negatives of the site at this time. But one positive I have noticed is she can “pin” a recipe and I can login to see what interests her when I am making plans for dinner. Recently she pinned, and I made, […]

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The Food Network: Porn for Fat People

June 24, 2011

I follow Michael Pollan on Twitter (@michaelpollan) and after seeing a new tweet ended up exploring his website. I came across an article titled Out of the Kitchen, Onto the Couch in which he discusses the decline of home cooking and the popularity of food television programming. Pollan states that the average American spends only […]

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Everybody Dies Famous in a Small Town

March 23, 2011

Small town living is a bit of an acquired taste. Small town living in the Bible Belt can be even more peculiar. To quote John Mellencamp, “I was born in a small town and I live in a small town.” I presume urban dwellers think that my neighbors are a bunch of uneducated simpletons who […]

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I’m Fat Daddy and I’m Fatorexic

February 15, 2011

For Valentine’s Day I did not get Hot Mama flowers or a card, she was totally fine with it since we had discussed it before hand. I did, however, get her a membership with Weight Watchers Online. Actually, I am the member, but it was with her in mind that I signed up (again). I […]

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Welcome to the World, Son

January 20, 2011

My child arrived just the other day, He came to the world in the usual way. … He’d say, “I’m gonna be like you, dad. You know I’m gonna be like you.” Sandy & Harry Chapin, Cat’s in the Cradle My child arrived just the other day, he came to the world in an unusual way. […]

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