Paperless Office


April 4, 2013

I’m here. Hot Mama is at home with Things 1-3. I rarely travel alone. I am a homebody. I like my bed. I don’t like cramming my fat ass in a tiny airplane seat. But walking through the airport I began thinking about my previous trips to this event and began to get excited. I […]

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Quick Review of TECHSHOW Day Two

April 12, 2011

Little did I know that TECHSHOW has quite an after-conference schedule filled with informal gatherings centered around food and drink. Or just drink, a lot of drink. Somehow the hotel bed felt much more comfortable last night and I nearly slept through the first session today. I spent a few hours in the Advanced I.T. […]

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The iPad as a Legal Pad Replacement

March 11, 2011

Last year I wrote about the iPad as a laptop replacement. While much of what I wrote still applies, especially the preference for viewing PDFs and photos on the iPad, I have noticed that the iPad has been an imperfect replacement for a laptop when it comes to text generation, e.g. legal documents or blog […]

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You mean not everyone loves the paperless office?

November 3, 2009

I came across a post at Paralegalese titled Words That Do Not Mix: Paperless Law Office. As the I.T. guru at our firm, I have been seeking to use computers to increase efficiency within our firm and regularly see articles touting the paperless office for law firms to increase efficiency and decrease costs. I guess […]

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