Best Christmas Album Ever

by Fat Daddy, Esq. on December 14, 2010

Bummed Out Christmas is the best Christmas album ever. Sure there are a lot of classic Christmas albums, full of tidings of comfort and joy, comfort and joy. But this album is not like the rest. No dreaming of a white Christmas, no walking in a Winter wonderland. The album contains the following tracks:

1. Somebody Stole My Santa Claus Suit
2. Christmas Eve Can Kill You
3. Santa Came Home Drunk
4. Don’t Believe in Christmas
5. Lonely Christmas Call
6. Christmas in Vietnam
7. Santa Got a DWI
8. Who Took the Merry Out of Christmas?
9. Who Say There Ain’t No Santa Claus
10. Christmas in Jail
11. Christmas Spirit
12. Christmas in Prison

The CD is available through where audio samples are available for each track to preview.

My longtime favorite song on the album is “Santa Got a DWI” by Sherwin Linton, an upbeat song about the consequences of sleigh-driving after over-imbibing peppermint schnapps, but lately I have enjoyed the bluesy “Santa Came Home Drunk” by Clyde Lasley & The Cadillac Baby Specials and The Sonic’s “Don’t Believe in Christmas” which includes catchy lyrics like “well stayin’ up late to see santa clause fly, well sure enough don’t ya know, the fat boy didn’t show.”

I’m all for happy, upbeat Christmas songs but these songs are fun (or sad) reminders that there are people with problems that do not stop simply because it is Christmas.

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