Thing 1, Thing 2 and Thing 3?

July 15, 2010

In my inaugural post last year, along with a an explanation for the name of this blog I briefly introduced you to my wife, Hot Mama, and my girls, Thing 1 and Thing 2, which is of course a nod to their favorite author, Dr. Seuss. Well it appears that Thing 3 will be arriving […]

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Catching Up With Fat Daddy

May 1, 2010

It’s been a while since I checked in around here and if anyone out there was disappointed I apologize. It has been a very busy month but things are getting back to normal, sort of. Hot Mama has been putting in a lot of time in her small business which has required me to spend […]

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A New Outlook on Food

February 5, 2010

Over the past few weeks I have read several books that have dramatically changed the way I view food. In a way I wish I had never read any of these books so that I could remain in a state of ignorant bliss. But, in reality, I have been far from blissful when it comes […]

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Read to Pop

October 28, 2009

Thing 1 just turned five and she is already reading some Dr. Seuss books to me because my wife and I read to her routinely. Her current favorite is Hop on Pop. At her parent-teacher conference her pre-Kindergarten teacher told us that she is reading ahead of her age and that there are students who […]

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Honey, They’re Growing Up

August 14, 2009

Thing 1 started school this week. Sure it is preschool and they get to color, read books and take naps, but it is school. That means I now have a child that interacts with many other children and is going to learn many new things that Hot Mama and I had attempted to shield her […]

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Daddy Daycare

July 22, 2009

Most days I can leave the house for work with no problems. Yesterday was one of those rare days when Thing 1 clamped onto my leg and refused to let me leave the house. Hot Mama had to pry Thing 1 off my leg and she was crying her eyes out as a headed out […]

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Why Fat Daddy, Esq?

July 6, 2009

I’m an attorney, I’m a dad, and, as my four year old often reminds me, I’m fat. I have been married to my beautiful wife (hereinafter “Hot Mama”) for eight years and I am the proud father of two little girls, ages four and two (hereinafter “Thing 1” and “Thing 2” respectively). I have been […]

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